Improve your website ranking in google to get more sales and leads.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Which means performing activities on your website that make your website friendlier to search engines like Google and Bing.

What does this mean?

Before we get into specifics of SEO, let us ask another question. Why is SEO so important?

It is important because that is how the new world business is done. If a person wants to find a lawyer or doctor or a plumber – they don’t go out and ask other people. If a person wants to buy a T-shirt or mobile phone or a nutrition supplement – they don’t go to a supermarket anymore. They go to google. Google now has the power to send a new customer to your website or your competitor’s website. No one survives without making sales. And google can give you more sales. But google will give you new sales only if you do SEO and that’s why you have to do SEO.

What does making our website friendlier to google mean?

When a prospective customer searches for something – let us say for example: “best family lawyer in Dubai”. Google will show certain results in a certain order. Our objective is to make Google show our website so that the user comes to our law firm and that way we make a sale. For this to happen, we have to tell google that our website represents a law firm in Dubai and we can service that customer who needs a family lawyer. This process of telling google is SEO.

How to tell Google?

When Google is scanning through millions of webpages in search of the answer to the user’s query, it is in a hurry. So it can’t read every website fully. Instead, it looks for certain specific places on a website to see if that website has the answer to the user’s search query. Two of these places are:

 The title of a website (Example: Image below)

Meta Title | SEO Dubai | Lucid Polygon

The H1 or the main heading of the website

These two are the primary areas which google scan through to create a shortlist. Once a shortlist is created google starts ranking pages on various factors. Some of these factors are:

  •  Age of the website
  • Quality of the content (This is measured by something known as a bounce rate, which I will explain later)
  •  The domain authority of the website

Now, a few of these things are in our control while a few others are in google’s control. Once Google has finished ranking websites, it displays them to the user based on their ranks. Highest ranked first. Our objective must be to score enough points so google will display our website in the first position or at least on the first page. Why? because nobody goes to the second page on google. When was the last time you clicked to page 2 of google?

Understand the reality.

Before you get into the whole SEO world, know a few facts:

SEO is a slow process. It is making a machine (Google) understand that your website is good and asking it to send people to your website.

Competition: you are not the only person who does whatever business you do. Which means you are not the only person who is trying to rank in SEO for a certain keyword. Which means you have to deal with competition. The more competitive your field is the longer and tougher it is going to be to rank on Google.

Google is smart. Don’t try to fool it. In the name of SEO, there are lots of bad activities that are being done. This will bring you short term results, but eventually, Google will realise that you are playing foul and it will punish you. This does more bad that all the good you have got in that short period doing black hat SEO practices.

What can I offer you?

I am an expert in providing SEO services. I can optimize your website so that Google knows that your website is the best in your category. I have various packages depending on the number of keywords you are looking to rank on google. Understand that this is a long term process. which means you will need a couple of months to start seeing results. So if you are expecting result the next week after signing up, it won’t happen. However, once the results start coming through, things start moving much faster.

What are the benefits:

When someone searches for your service, your website will be on page one. This will directly increase your sales.

I will optimize your website and all associated channels to the latest trends and requirements.

You do not have to keep worrying about keeping up with the fast-changing technical / web requirements. That will be my job to take care.

How do I work?

Let us have a preliminary chat for me to understand your business and your requirements. Based on the chat, I will conduct a competitor analysis and a website analysis for your website to tell you what is the state of the website and how long will it take to achieve the desired results. I will do keyword research for keywords we agree upon. The next stage is to conduct on-page SEO activities like optimising your website in a way google wants it. This will be followed by beginning off-page activities where we will work on the increasing rank of your website from outside your website. I will send a monthly report that consists of all the numbers that we did and where are we ranking.

Proof of result

What better way to prove that I can get your website to page one than showing my website which ranks on page one for a very competitive keyword in my line of business.

SEO Ranking | SEO Dubai | Lucid Polygon

How to start:

All you have to do is WhatsApp me with details of your website. I will study and come back to you. once we understand the website’s current position a plan can be made and the work begins. I will send a monthly report.

Get in touch! Let us get your website #1 in Google ranking.