How to Add Gift Wrap Option in Checkout - Shopify Tutorial

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Note: The gift wrap option will only be available on the cart page (located at

If you are using a cart drawer or pop-up, you will need to switch to a cart page style in the theme editor.

To view the gift wrap option in the theme preview, add a product to the cart and then navigate to the Cart page tab in the theme editor to access your cart settings.

Create Gift Wrap Product

  • Create a new product and name it 'Gift Wrap' (or choose a different name that works for you).
  • Add a price for the gift wrap. If you do not want to charge for gift wrapping, you can set the price to 0.
  • Write a description for the gift wrap, including information about the materials used.
  • Add an image of the gift wrap to give users an idea of what it looks like.
  • Set the inventory for the gift wrap product:
    • If you want to track the inventory for the gift wrap, check the "Track Quantity" box.
    • If you do not want to track the inventory or if your store has multiple locations, uncheck the "Track Quantity" box.

Screenshot Product Gift Wrapping

  • Create a new menu in the navigation for your store.
  • Name the menu "Gift Wrapping."
  • Add the newly created "Gift Wrap" product to the menu.

Screenshot Navigation For Gift Wrapping

Edit the code

  • In the code editor for your Shopify store, create a new snippet and name it "gift-wrapping."
  • If you want one gift per item, copy and paste the code from this file.
  • If you want one gift for the whole cart, copy and paste the code from this file.
  • Find the code for your cart. For example, if you are using the Dawn theme, the file name would be "main-cart-footer.liquid."
  • Add the following code to the file: {% render 'gift-wrapping' %}
  • Save the changes to the file.